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Chains of Love was another important step in the band's progress. Again recorded in the band's own studio, newer state-of-the-art equipment and lessons learned from Black Garden provided for a powerful sophmore release. It was this CD that established the band's unique sound & style, and attracted the attention of the NCADV & famed producer Beau Hill. Chains of Love sold remarkably well in both CD sales & digiital downloads, and grew the band's loyal following to impressive numbers without having a major record label behind them. This set the stage for their most prolific, ass-kicking & soon-to-be-released recording yet - Fear The Night.

Fear The Night is the culmination of many lessons learned, combined with continued rock-solid songwriting. Partner this with the world-class talents, and the impecable ear, of legendary, multi-platinum selling record  producer, Beau Hill. Again recorded in the band's now cutting edge studio, the mixing & mastering talents of Hill have created a rock-solid masterpeice guaranteed to compete along side any platinum artist. So far preliminary listenings of Fear The Night more than stands the test along side of fans' other favorite rock-metal artists. Fear The Night is certainly poised to put the band's mark on the rock-metal world in an impressive way.



Just two best friends who decided to embark on a musical journey on their own terms. No record label. No fat-cat bankroller behind them. No prior album production credits to their names. Just two friends with tons of past recording experience. Postured in a very small & meek home studio, Matt & Larry create the EP Black Garden. Never intended to be critically acclaimed or distributed in any fashion, Black Garden slowly endeared a small following of fans who clamoured for the release of a second CD. Thrilled by this interest, the duo put together the band's current lineup and moved forward with what would become the Chains of Love CD.